Elon Musk's first comment on his summons in the Jeffrey Epstein case


American billionaire Elon Musk denied receiving financial advice from convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, after a court asked him to provide evidence of his alleged dealings with the deceased financier.

The subpoena requests all communications between Musk and "JP Morgan" regarding Epstein or any role the "shady" financier played in the financial management of the CEO of Tesla, as well as any documents related to fees paid to Epstein's company or "JP Morgan," or any documents related to Epstein's sex trafficking network.

Tesla has no dealings with "JP Morgan"

In response to the subpoena, Musk said: "I did not receive any financial advice from Epstein," confirming that "Tesla" has no dealings with JP Morgan bank.

He described the subpoena as "dumb at many levels."

Epstein, who was convicted in 2008 of soliciting prostitution, had social connections with prominent figures around the world.

In 2019, he was accused by prosecutors of running a "broad network" of underage girls for sex, and was found dead in his cell while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges in 2019. The medical examiner ruled his death a suicide.

Lawsuit against "JP Morgan Chase"

In 2022, the US Virgin Islands filed a lawsuit against "JP Morgan Chase," alleging that the Wall Street giant financially benefited from Epstein's sex trafficking operation and failed in its duty to report suspicious financial activity.

The US Virgin Islands authorities issued a subpoena against Elon Musk in the case of "JP Morgan Chase" bank, which is suspected of being involved in helping the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein organize a human trafficking network.

A client of "JP Morgan" bank

According to court documents released yesterday, the US Virgin Islands attempted to serve Musk with a subpoena issued on April 28, suspecting that Epstein may have referred to Musk as a client of "JP Morgan" bank.

The authorities in the islands said they are trying to locate Elon Musk and contacted one of his lawyers.

Bank accused of assisting Epstein in human trafficking

The US Virgin Islands filed a lawsuit against "JP Morgan," accusing the bank of assisting billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in trafficking humans for sexual exploitation on one of his private islands.

The bank denied the US Virgin Islands authorities' allegations of involvement in Epstein's case, who was a client of the bank from 1998 to 2013.

Earlier, the US Virgin Islands authorities issued similar subpoenas against several prominent businessmen, including Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, former Disney CEO Michael Ovitz, Life Hotels CEO Thomas Pritzker, and investor Mort Zuckerman.

Expectations of Musk marrying robot Cantella

On the other hand, pictures of the robot Cantella with businessman Elon Musk dominated social media recently.

Social media users shared heavily pictures of Elon Musk with the beautiful robot Cantella, in more than one romantic situation, amid speculation that he will marry her.

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