Fast X Movie Review: A Thrilling Addition to the Franchise


Fast X" hits theaters with promises of surprises and excitement

The highly anticipated tenth installment of the "Fast and the Furious"
franchise, "Fast X," starring global superstar Vin Diesel, has hit theaters.
The movie promises to be filled with surprises and exciting events, including
the appearance of the late Paul Walker's daughter, whose character remains a

The plot of "Fast X" centers around Dom Toretto facing his deadliest enemy


The plot of "Fast X" revolves around the hero, Dominic Toretto, facing his
most dangerous enemy yet, a terrifying threat that seeks to destroy everything
and everyone he loves forever.

Fast 5" introduced the villainous Dante and sets the stage for "Fast X"


In "Fast 5," released in 2011, Dom and his crew took down the notorious
Brazilian drug lord Hernan Reyes on a bridge in Rio de Janeiro. Unbeknownst to
them, Reyes' son Dante (played by Jason Momoa) witnessed everything and spent
the past 12 years planning to make Dom pay the ultimate price.

Critics praise "Fast X" as a non-stop thrill ride with a surprising ending

Critics have praised "Fast X," with some comparing it to "Infinity War."
According to Kristin Acuna, "Fast X" is a non-stop thrill ride with a
surprising ending that may divide audiences. While not perfect, it is the best
installment in the franchise so far, thanks in part to Jason Momoa's

Fast X" delivers on its promise of high-octane action and thrilling moments


Overall, "Fast X" delivers on its promise of high-octane action and thrilling
moments, making it a must-see for fans of the franchise. The addition of new
cast members, including Jason Momoa, has increased excitement for audiences.
The film's impressive visuals and intense action sequences are sure to satisfy
fans of the franchise and action movie enthusiasts alike.

Fast X" boasts an impressive cast of Hollywood stars

The "Fast X" movie boasts an impressive cast of Hollywood stars, Vin Diesel,
Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie
Emmanuel, Sung Kang, Michael Rooker, Charlize Theron, Jason Momoa, Daniella
Melchior, Brie Larson, and Directed by Justin Lin.

fast x actors

Fast X" receives critical acclaim, with some comparing it to "Infinity War"

Critics have praised "Fast X," with some comparing it to "Infinity War."
According to Kirsten Acuna, "Fast X" is a non-stop thrill ride with a
surprising ending that may divide audiences. While not perfect, it is the best
installment in the franchise so far, thanks in part to Jason Momoa's

Critics suggest that "Fast X" is the best installment in the franchise's

Sources suggest that the tenth installment will be the best in the franchise's
history. Journalist Eric Eisenberg stated that the series is back on track
thanks to Jason Momoa's performance, and the filmmakers' ability to avoid the
boredom that plagued the eighth and ninth installments.

Jason Momoa's performance is credited with bringing the series back on track

Overall, "Fast X" delivers on its promise of high-octane action and thrilling
moments, making it a must-see for fans of the franchise. With an impressive
cast and intense action sequences, the film is sure to satisfy both fans of
the franchise and action movie enthusiasts alike.

Release Date:

Fast X" set to release in theaters on May 19, 2023

While Universal Studios may own X-wings, they also have cars that occasionally fly. They may not have superheroes, but they have street racers from Los Angeles who steal video game consoles and nuclear submarines. With many directors in recent years making a serious and bold effort to keep beloved old characters and franchises relevant to the times, the open and increasingly chaotic embrace of the "Fast and Furious" series has been enjoyable.

The "Fast and Furious" franchise embraces chaos to stay relevant

The 2021 film "F9" successfully delivered several crazy action scenes built on
the magnetism charm, sending Tyrese and Ludacris to space in a Pontiac.

Fast X" struggles with an over-stuffed, elongated plot, but is almost saved by
Jason Momoa's quirky villain.

We were told that John Cena was Vin Diesel's long-lost brother, and we
believed it. Or at least those of us who were willing to suspend logic for the
sake of enjoying that wild ride did. But it turns out there are limits to how
far one can stretch this kind of illogic without snapping back to reality. The
loud fun that accompanied "F9" paves the way for the over-stuffed,
unnecessarily elongated opening of "Fast X," which puts a giant boulder in the
franchise's fast lane.

The only thing that almost saves the film is the delightfully quirky and
entertaining villain played by Jason Momoa.

Fast X" takes risks and delivers explosive action

It was in 2011's "Fast Five" when we saw Hobbs chasing Bryan and Dom through
the streets of Rio, dragging a safe containing drug lord Hernan Reyes'
fortune. It was a turning point where cartoonish logic began to find its way
into a franchise that was once serious. And you know what? The films that
followed were better because of it. There's a factor of weakness and
risk-taking in significantly changing a franchise's direction midway, and no
one could have imagined while watching the original 2001 film that the "Fast"
movies would take that risk at all, let alone succeed in turning it into
something explosive and unique.

Fast X" introduces Dante, Hernan Reyes' vengeful son played by Jason Momoa

As we've come to expect from this franchise, "Fast X" simply reveals that
Hernan's son, Dante (Jason Momoa), was actually present during the entire
chase scene. After seeing his family's illicit wealth crumble and his father
murdered, he resurfaces to wage war on Dom (Vin Diesel), the leader of the
world's best gang of car thieves and international spies, vowing that there is
no place for death when there must be suffering instead.

Dante's motive for revenge is clear, but his means are strange and ineffective

His motive for revenge may be clear, and the film continues to remind us of
his enmity towards Dom whenever possible, but the means by which Dante deals
with his vendetta against the Fast family are as strange as Dante himself. It
is only through technology and mercenary forcesthat he is somehow able to do
anything. He wants to make Dom suffer by hurting his family, but he repeatedly
ignores opportunities to achieve his goal in ways that seem ineffective. 

Jason Momoa's performance as Dante is a consistently enjoyable element of
"Fast X"

The freedom and spontaneity that the character requires of the actor demands a
willingness to exploit it in their performance, and Jason Momoa enters the set
with full force. 

Momoa immerses himself in Dante's quirky character with boundless energy

Setting aside the effectiveness of Dante's villainy, Momoa's boundless energy
of chaos throughout "Fast X" is a consistently enjoyable element. There's no
other way to put it: Dante is a quirky character, and Momoa enthusiastically
immerses himself in that. It's as if he watched all the franchise's movies in
one sitting and then mimicked Dom's machismo and predictable logic at every
turn, whether facing Dom or all on his own. 

Dante's moments of wicked idiosyncrasy distinguish him from other villains in
the franchise

It's those moments of wicked idiosyncrasy that distinguish Dante from the
other villains in the franchise so far, and Momoa deserves a lot of credit for
preventing "Fast X" from drowning under the weight of the film itself.

Vin Diesel's performance as Dom Toretto appears indifferent in comparison to
Momoa's energetic performance.

By comparison, Dom Toretto seems to drift from one moment of family-centric
thinking to another, and Vin Diesel appears indifferent any time Momoa doesn't
push Dom in a different direction, instead of repeating what we've heard from
him before.

Scenes from previous films are repeated with little innovation in "Fast X"

It's also disappointing that all the intricate car scenes in "Fast X" fail to
find a unique identity, especially for a franchise known for finding new and
interesting ways to move vehicles through time and space and explosions...and
buildings, or even into space, etc. It seems that many of the action scenes
from previous films have been rehashed.

Dom's tug-of-war with two helicopters fails to offer anything new

Remember when Hobbs and Shaw played tug-of-war with a helicopter? Well, Dom
will do that now, but with two helicopters! Will it escalate things? Yes. But
does it offer anything new? No.


Hand-to-hand combat scenes are a welcome change from rehashed car scenes in
"Fast X"

It's not good that a franchise known for its fantastic vehicle chaos makes us
feel that hand-to-hand combat (especially one involving Charlize Theron's
Cipher character) is a welcome change.

Dante's villainous plan to roll a bomb through Rome is the most satisfying
action scene

 Dante's villainous plan to roll a bomb through Rome to the Vatican is
the most satisfying action scene, and credit for that goes largely to Momoa's
unpredictable behavior. However, there is still a large chunk of the film that
cannot raise the excitement level any further. 

Director Justin Lin doesn't effectively celebrate the franchise's elements of
extremism or melodrama

Director Justin Lin doesn't do much to celebrate the franchise's elements of
extremism or melodrama, leaving "Fast X" feeling somewhat confused in both

Fast X" struggles with an overly complex plot that diverges into too many

Dante's attack on Rome forces the "family" to go into hiding and divide, with
the agency chasing them, leading to a plot that diverges into many more
perspectives than the story can handle.

Supporting characters like Roman, Tej, and Ramsey are underutilized, and
Letty's character is sidelined.

Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Chris Bridges), and Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel)
continue their supporting roles, accompanied by Han (Sung Kang) because he has
nothing else to do that day. The momentum slows down in "Fast X" whenever it
has to shift focus back to this story. We only return to this group for Ramsey
to talk about something technological while Roman and Tej argue about their
hurt feelings over dancing head dolls or for us to have a reason to move the
action to another city so that another team member can start their next

The momentum slows down in "Fast X" whenever it has to shift focus back to
this story. 

John Cena's character, Jakob, is tasked with babysitting children for most of
"Fast X," and while his subplot seems unnecessary like the rest of the
supporting characters, Cena's top-notch comedic performance and excellent
chemistry with Little Brian played by Tyrese's daughter make for a welcome
change from Roman's forced comic situations. Letty's (Michelle Rodriguez)
character is sidelined, finding herself stuck in jail.

Nothing meaningful happens to any of those characters on their own, making it
increasingly difficult to justify spending any time away from Dom or Dante, or
without any real exciting action happening.

Fast X" struggles with disconnected subplots that add no valuable content

While there are some moments of intimate friendship shared by this group,
there are too many subplots that feel completely disconnected from each other,
making their repeated return adding no valuable content. 

The film's efforts to organize old and new characters for the series finale
feel stuffed and unnatural

since we already know that "Fast X" is the first part of a two-part (or
three-part if Vin Diesel is to be believed) series finale, its efforts to
organize old and new characters in their place for that finale don't seem
natural and smooth, but rather stuffed, even for a franchise that has always
celebrated returning and new characters at its famous dinner table. 

Fast X" fails to provide a conclusion to its own story, leaving many questions

Similar to many other split films we've seen before, "Fast X" ignores...or provide any conclusion to its own story. The time it spends
asking questions that won't be answered until the next time in its final
minutes only adds to the frustration.

Fast X" achieves record-breaking opening in cinemas and is well-received by
audiences worldwide

The "Fast X" movie achieved a record-breaking opening in cinemas and was
well-received by audiences worldwide. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the
release of "Fast X" in the coming days, as the movie features a lot of
excitement as the Fast team seeks revenge for the family.

Fast X" marks the beginning of the end for the franchise, consisting of two
parts ending in 2024

The "Fast X" movie started showing on May 19th in all cinemas. The movie
includes many parts, but the "Fast X" franchise will consist of two parts and
began in 2001, ending in 2024 exactly. Watch "Fast X" in 2023. 

In summary, "Fast X" marks the beginning of the end, but the race towards the
end of that beginning is a bumpy journey. 

Jason Momoa's performance as Dante Reis is a standout, but the film lacks
other standout elements

Jason Momoa's crazy and funny performance as villain Dante Reis deserves great
appreciation as one of the best villains in "Fast & Furious," but it seems
to be the only standout element in this film.

Director Louis Leterrier struggles to balance exaggeration and logic required
by modern "Fast" films, making the final lap difficult for the franchise.

There isn't enough food on the table to feed Dom Toretto's ever-growing
family, and director Louis Leterrier is unable to walk the fine line between
exaggeration and logic required by modern "Fast" films. There's still plenty
of time for the franchise to cross the finish line in first place, but this
punctured wheel of a film will make the final lap difficult.

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