video showing what happened between Vinicius and a Valencia fan

Spanish police have arrested 3 people in connection with the Vinicius incidents in Mestalla.


(AP Photo / Alberto Saiz) Vinicius, the moment the crisis erupted

Twitter users shared a new video that shows the moment the crisis erupted
between Brazilian striker Vinicius Junior of Real Madrid and Valencia fans
during the teams' Spanish League match last Sunday.

what happened to vinicius junior ?

One Valencia fan made "monkey gestures" at the Brazilian striker and Valencia
fans chanted "Death, death to Vinicius" after he indicated they were going to
be relegated to the second division, as well as imitating monkey sounds and
chanting against him outside the stadium before the game.

In the circulating video, a Valencia fan wearing a white hat is seen mimicking
"monkey gestures" and directing remarks towards Vinicius.

The fan backed down from his win when he saw Vinicius and said, "It's not

It is worth mentioning that the Spanish police announced on Tuesday that they
have arrested 3 people in the city of Valencia in connection with racist
chants against the Brazilian striker Vinicius Junior of Real Madrid during a
local league match at the Mestalla Stadium of Valencia on the past

This comes at a time when the Spanish police also announced that they have
detained 4 other people in connection with an incident in January, where a
doll representing the Brazilian striker was hung under a bridge in front of
the Real Madrid training center, alongside a banner that read "Madrid hates

Valenciafans frequently chanted against Vinicius and described him as a monkey
before he got into a fight with opposition players and was sent off with a
straight red card after hitting a Valencia player in the 98th minute."

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