Chris Christie joins the Presidential race, aiming to take on Trump


Former Republican Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, has entered the race
for the
2024 Presidential elections, positioning himself as "the only candidate capable of facing off against
former President Donald Trump," his former ally turned staunch opponent.

The 60-year-old Chris Christie, known for his combative style, has filed his
candidacy with the Federal Election Commission, joining a crowded field of
right-wing competitors vying for the White House, such as Florida Governor Ron
DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence, who is expected to formally
announce his candidacy later today, Wednesday.

Christie is scheduled to make a public announcement in New Hampshire later on.

who is chris christie ?

In 2016, Christie ran in the Republican Party primaries for the presidential
nomination, but he withdrew and endorsed Trump.

At that time, he became one of his close advisors. However, he says he cut
ties with the Republican billionaire when the then-president refused to
acknowledge his defeat in the 2020 presidential election against his
Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.


Donald Trump and Chris Christie during the 2016 election campaign /Getty Images

Larry Hogan, 62nd Governor of Maryland Said on Twitter:“ He’s a guy who tells
it like it is, can prosecute a case, and has a hell of a knockout punch” .

Chris Christie, who has very low poll numbers, has begun to attack Trump,
noting that the most likely Republican candidate according to the polls was
"afraid" of debating serious opponents.

The former governor of New Jersey criticized Trump on several fronts,
including the multiple investigations targeting him, and described him as a
"Putin puppet" after the former president made vague statements about the war in Ukraine.

Trump mocks Chris Christie 

Trump commented on Chris Christie's presidential candidacy, saying: "How many times did Chris Christie use the word SMALL? Does he have a psychological problem with SIZE? Actually, his speech was SMALL, and not very good. It rambled all over the place, and nobody had a clue of what he was talking about.Hard to watch, boring, but that's what you get from a failed Governor (New Jersey) who left office with a 7% approval rating and then got run out of New Hampshire.This time, it won't be any different!

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