Las Vegas Community Reports Bizarre Encounters with Aliens

Strange Lights and Unexplained Creatures: Las Vegas Community Reports Bizarre Encounters with Aliens


Aliens,.100% not human ,with towering frames of almost 10 feet and distinctive, large, reflective eyes that gleam brightly.

This is the recording of a 911 call made by a resident from the Las Vegas area, reporting the presence of extraterrestrial life in their backyard. The call was made approximately one hour after local law enforcement officials observed an object falling from the sky.

Despite conducting a paranormal investigation, the police were unable to uncover any explanations.

At around 12:29 a.m. on May 1, 2023, LVMPD dispatch received a report regarding a suspicious situation," stated the Las Vegas Police Department in an email. "Following a preliminary investigation, officers concluded that the event was unfounded.

Local TV channel 8 News Now reported that at approximately 11:50 p.m. on April 30, an officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police recorded body camera footage showing a luminous object slicing through the sky." 

According to the station, approximately 40 minutes later, a resident in the area made a 911 call to report that an entity "100% not human" was observing him from his backyard. This sighting occurred shortly after the resident and their family witnessed an object descending from the sky.

911 call about aliens in backyard

The caller, who reported seeing an object falling from the sky, informed the dispatcher that there was an 8-foot figure next to it, and another one inside their residence. The figure had large eyes and was staring at them, and was still present at the time of the call.

I assure you, this is not a prank. We are genuinely frightened," stated the caller. 

The initial report on this incident was made by local TV channel 8 News Now, which obtained the video and audio recordings from that unusual evening, including the 911 call and the body camera footage.

The dispatcher communicated carefully with the caller, ensuring that the situation was clearly understood and using appropriate language. 

"Let me confirm, there are two individuals in your backyard?" inquired the dispatcher. 

"That's correct, and they're quite sizable," replied the caller. "They appear to be around 8 to 10 feet tall and resemble aliens to us. They have big, shiny eyes and a large mouth that I cannot describe. Their eyes are luminous and they do not look human, 100% certain of that." 

According to KLAS, two officers were dispatched to the residence of the caller.

"I'm feeling extremely nervous at the moment," expressed one of the responding officers while en route to the residence. "I have butterflies in my stomach. Apparently, some individuals reported seeing a shooting star, and now they claim that there are extraterrestrial beings in their backyard." 

The officers conducted an interview with the family on their front lawn.

"What did you witness?" inquired one of the officers. 

"A large creature, around 10 feet tall," stated one of the witnesses. 

The officer informed them about the incident that his colleague had witnessed just prior to receiving the call.

Let me be honest with you. One of my colleagues reported seeing an object falling from the sky earlier," stated the officer. "That's why I'm curious. Did you observe anything landing in your backyard?

A man dressed in a robe reported that some of his family members had witnessed "a large object emitting light" plummeting from the sky.

Law enforcement officials continued their investigation that evening, questioning neighbors to determine if anyone else had observed any unusual objects descending from the sky. According to KLAS, the investigation persisted for several days.

Government officials report that the Department of Defense is currently monitoring over 800 instances of "unidentified aerial phenomena" - commonly referred to as UFOs - from the last 27 years. These officials also state that only 2% to 5% of these cases can be reasonably explained. 

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