A Hilarious Kitchen Battle: Man Hires Cat to Catch Mouse, But Things Go Unexpectedly


In a hilarious situation, a man decided to bring a hired cat to get rid of a mouse that appeared in his kitchen, but what happened was unexpected.

Social media users widely shared a video from Chile, showing a man holding a broom inside the kitchen with a white cat.

After a few seconds, a rat appeared, running on the ground quickly, which scared the cat.

The cat jumped and stuck its claws to the kitchen door, howling as if asking for help."

The man was forced to chase the mouse with the broom in every corner, while the cat clung to the door, screaming at the top of its lungs.

The cat's reaction sparked mockery from followers who described the situation as unusual, especially since rats are cats' mortal enemies.

They pointed out that house cats are afraid of everything, while others living in alleys and streets are not afraid of mice.

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