The Secret Behind Biden's drawn link between Putin and Hamas in His Speech,Requests $106 Billion for Israel

US President Joe Biden delivers a speech about the war between Israel and Hamas

President Joe Biden sparked anger in Russia by combining Vladimir Putin and Hamas in his recent speech at the White House, according to the American newspaper "The New York Times."

In his speech, Biden emphasized that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hamas "represent different threats" and that they both "seek to completely eliminate neighboring democracy."

Throughout his speech, Biden switched between the two crises, stating that "if America does not stand in both conflicts, the result will be more chaos, death, and destruction," according to the newspaper.

The newspaper pointed out that "Biden seems determined to prove that despite all the criticism directed at the United States as a divided and deteriorating power, it remains the only state capable of shaping events in a chaotic and unpredictable world."

On the Israeli front, Biden affirmed that his experience has taught him that the best way to mitigate Netanyahu's behavior is to support him and whisper a warning in his ear.

Biden said that "his administration members and allies are constantly present in Israel and in Netanyahu's war room to prevent Israelis from launching a wide-scale invasion," according to the American newspaper "The New York Times."

The newspaper stated, "Now, Biden's full embrace of Israel, which was very clear during his 7-hour visit to Tel Aviv this Wednesday, may pose a similar challenge. It is almost certain that he will obtain the billions he is expected to request to defend Israel."

It mentioned that "the Biden administration is already hearing sharp criticism, some from within his administration, that he has gone further than necessary and has done little to prevent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from cutting off food, water, and electricity to Gaza and preparing for a ground invasion by Israel."

The newspaper said that "criticism of U.S. policy is very audible in some corners of the State Department, and there are already widespread reports opposing the notion that American support for Israel comes at the expense of protecting Palestinian civilians."

Requests $106 Billion for Israel, Ukraine, Border

President Joe Biden said, "Conflict and chaos can spread if America's allies are not victorious." He confirmed that he will submit an "urgent budget request" to Congress on Friday, including provisions for rearming Ukraine and ensuring "military superiority" for Israel.

In a rare address to the nation, the U.S. president described Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hamas militants as "tyrants" who must be defeated. He urged Congress not to allow "petty partisan policies" to hinder his imminent aid package to Ukraine and Israel, according to the British newspaper "The Telegraph."

Biden did not disclose the cost of the package, which will be revealed today, but it is expected to reach $105 billion for the next year, including $60 billion for Ukraine and $14 billion for Israel.

The newspaper added that the package includes $10 billion for humanitarian efforts, $14 billion for border management between the United States and Mexico and combating fentanyl smuggling, $7 billion for the Indian and Pacific Ocean region, including Taiwan.

Biden hopes that by integrating all these issues into one piece of legislation, he can create the necessary political alliance to obtain congressional approval.

Biden faces several obstacles that he must overcome before he can secure approval for the package. The Congress is currently in crisis due to the Republican majority's failure to choose a successor for ousted Kevin McCarthy.

The newspaper also highlighted the opposition of conservative Republicans who have already refused to send more weapons to Ukraine as its fight against the Russian invasion approaches its second year.

In addition, there is resistance on the other side of the political spectrum regarding military aid to Israel, which has been bombarding Gaza in response to Hamas' attack on October 7th.

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