The referees panel all decided Liverpool's goal was disallowed

 The referees committee in the English Premier League decided on its decision regarding the mistakenly disallowed goal of Liverpool star Luis Diaz in the match with the Blues

According to the British Daily Mail, Liverpool increased pressure on the referees, yesterday, Monday, through a copy of the tape recordings between the game referee and the technical video referees.

The British Press, which represents the figures on the panel of judges, revealed that they were divided over publishing the public recordings.
Computer felt that they should mistakenly demonstrate immediate freedom, but this view was met with opposition.
The committee in question has believed that the committee has made the final decision, fully decided, in publishing the full recordings of the incident, however, further investigations will be held on Tuesday, the date of their release, because the incident is still live for review.

Darren Englund, the VAR referee, believed that Luis Diaz's goal had already been counted by the arena referee (Simon Hooper), and where the review was certainly to confirm cooperation, even though the game was counted as an application initially.

And when the details of the game were completed, Englund said to Hooper, “The pen is complete,” which means that there is no change to the work he wants (calculating the goal according to the VAR’s understanding).

At the same time, Hopper understood that the video technology was confirming it (cancellation), so he immediately calculated a protocol.

The match ended with a 2-1 victory for the juniors.

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