A New Feature of ChatGPT Speaks Like Humans and Changes the Concept of Artificial Intelligence


ChatGPT has launched a new free voice feature that brings life to artificial intelligence conversations. It's amazing how this feature resembles speaking to a real human, as if you're on a phone call.

OpenAI has also improved the mobile user experience by introducing voice chats for ChatGPT on Android and iOS platforms. This feature was initially launched in September last year and was exclusively available to Plus and Enterprise subscribers. However, starting today, it has been expanded to include free users as well. Here's an overview of this fantastic feature.

How to Use the Voice Feature?

To benefit from this new feature, all you need to do is install the ChatGPT app on your phone or update it to the latest version, then log in to your OpenAI account.

After that, you'll need to launch the app, and you'll see the headphone icon in the bottom right corner. By simply clicking on it, you can start a voice chat with the artificial intelligence that supports multiple languages, including Chinese.

However, it's important not to confuse the voice chat icon with the voice input feature, which only converts spoken words into text. When you activate the voice chat for the first time, you'll be prompted to choose a voice for the chatbot from five unique options, each with distinct voices and tones.

Thanks to these features, the new voice feature enhances user interaction, providing a more natural and intuitive way to engage with artificial intelligence. It ensures that a wide range of users, including those who prefer voice commands over typing, can use AI technology without any hassle.

This can be particularly useful for content development, enhancing customer experience and engagement, and opening up new avenues to explore the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Surpasses Siri and Google Assistant


OpenAI has made significant efforts to ensure that the application remains conversational as much as possible. Once the new voice mode is activated, which features a completely different interface from the standard chat window, ChatGPT virtually becomes the person you can talk to without using your hands, just like being on a phone call.

This means there's no need to press any buttons to speak. ChatGPT will patiently wait for your turn once its turn is over. You can also exit the app and continue the conversation while performing other tasks on your phone, which can change the game in situations where you may want to read an article at the same time.

However, the experience is not entirely seamless. Depending on the complexity of your request, the artificial intelligence may need some time to think and generate an appropriate response. Simple greetings like 'Hello, how are you?' receive quick replies, but requests like 'Read today's news' may take up to half a minute. When the conversation is finished, you can exit and find a transcript of it in the chat window.

The most impressive aspect of this feature is the natural nature of the interaction. The presentation by the artificial intelligence is far from boring; it seems to adjust its speaking style to match the flow of the conversation and surpasses the likes of Siri and Google Assistant by leaps and bounds. This may make many people not mind seeing this voice assistant option as their primary assistant on their phones. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising to expect that in the future.

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