Google Launches Largest Cybersecurity Center in Europe

Collaboration for Cybersecurity: Google Launches New Center in Europe


Google has inaugurated its largest cybersecurity center in Europe in Malaga, southern Spain. The center will focus on developing tools to combat cyber threats in collaboration with European institutions and companies, according to the American tech giant.

With the significant increase in cyber attacks worldwide, Google has launched its third cybersecurity center in Europe, following the specialized centers in Munich and Dublin.

Kent Walker, Google's Senior Vice President of Global Affairs, highlighted in a media statement that global cyber attacks have increased by 38% in 2022, and attackers have become more aggressive, seeking to undermine stability and democracy. This necessitates international cooperation.

The European Union is in dire need of 500,000 experts in the field of cybersecurity, with 46% of small and medium-sized European companies unable to hire a single expert, despite 43% of them being targeted by cyber attacks.

Dita Charanzová, Vice President of the European Parliament, expressed her concern, stating that the Union estimates that 230,000 new infections with malicious software are recorded daily. She added, We have no doubt that the upcoming European elections in June 2024 will be a target for deception and interference.

Addressing the Cyber Threat: Google's Malaga Center Takes the Lead

Google aims to make the Malaga center a global reference for cybersecurity through partnerships with public and private sectors, including institutions, companies, European universities, and governments.

Strengthening Defenses: Google's Investment in European Cybersecurity Takes Shape

Furthermore, Google announced its commitment to provide $10 million in funding to universities in eight European countries to enhance cybersecurity training.

As a constant target for hackers, the American tech giant announced in 2021 its investment of $10 billion over five years to strengthen cybersecurity for global infrastructure.

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