Panera Bread Faces Lawsuit Following Second Fatality Linked to Charged Lemonade

Lawsuit Filed Against Panera Bread Over Charged Lemonade's Role in Second Death



Panera Bread is facing a lawsuit after a second death was attributed to its Charged Lemonade beverage.

The family of David Brown, a Florida resident, filed a lawsuit in Delaware Superior Court claiming that the fast-casual chain failed to provide adequate warning about the beverage's caffeine levels, particularly for vulnerable consumers.

The lawsuit comes shortly after another legal case involving the death of a 21-year-old college student with a heart condition who had also consumed the Charged Lemonade.

Panera Bread Denies Responsibility as Second Death Linked to Charged Lemonade Sparks Lawsuit

In response to the lawsuit, Panera Bread issued a statement dismissing the claims as baseless and highlighting that both lawsuits were filed by the same law firm.

The company expressed condolences to Mr. Brown's family and maintained that their investigation indicated that the product was not the cause of his passing. Panera Bread reaffirmed its commitment to the safety of its products.

The lawsuit describes David Brown as a person with various medical conditions, including a chromosomal deficiency disorder, developmental delay, ADHD, mild intellectual disability, and blurry vision.

Despite his challenges, the lawsuit emphasizes that Brown led a productive and independent life with the support of his life coaches and family.

Lawsuit Highlights Panera Bread's Charged Lemonade as Potential Cause of Customer's Fatal Cardiac Event

According to the claim, Brown suffered from high blood pressure and did not consume energy drinks.

He frequented the Panera Bread location near his workplace up to three times a week but typically ordered water or other beverages.

However, in September, he started ordering the Charged Lemonade and continued to do so on five subsequent visits.

On October 9, Brown purchased the Charged Lemonade and refilled his drink twice during the approximately 90 minutes he spent at the restaurant.

Unfortunately, he experienced a cardiac event while walking home and was pronounced dead later.

Panera Bread Accused of Misleading Marketing in Lawsuit Over Charged Lemonade's Caffeine Content

The lawsuit points out that, at the time, the beverage was not marketed as an energy drink, and there were no warnings about its caffeine content.

The family argues that Panera's Charged Lemonade was marketed to both children and adults, displayed alongside non-caffeinated juice beverages.

They claim that this misleading marketing poses a particular danger to vulnerable populations who may reasonably assume that the product is safe for consumption.

Panera Bread Faces Legal Action Over Charged Lemonade's Lack of Warning and Marketing Practices

In recent months, Panera Bread has made efforts to enhance disclosure about caffeine levels.

For instance, when ordering the Charged Lemonade online, the description prominently states that it "contains caffeine" and advises moderation, specifically cautioning against consumption by children, individuals sensitive to caffeine, pregnant or nursing women.

Panera Bread states that its Charged Lemonade contains 13 milligrams of caffeine per ounce, which is approximately the same as their dark roast coffee.

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